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2-Tone Conceptual Rebrand

Rebranding 2-Tone? Even conceptually, you’re just asking for trouble…

Now wait. Before all of you “rude boys” and girls start screaming “SACRILEGE” and try to string me up by your skinny tie… Please, just hear me out.

Allow me first to say that I am a SUPER fan of all things 2-Tone. The music, the politics, the style, all of it. And allow me to ALSO say that the work of designers John “Teflon” Simms and David Storey on the original seminal brand and style of the 2-Tone label and its artists was hugely influential on me as a visual creative. It all carried a sense of punch, impact and humor that I still strive to bring to my work today. I was but a lad when the label was in full swing, but I had my years in suits and pork pie hats skanking in smoky clubs. I still regard it all as a brief high-water mark on popular culture.

It is only on these grounds that I offer this flight of fancy — a rebrand of the classic label. I’ve given a new mark and new style pieces to the brand here. I attempted to capture some of the basic essence of the spirit of 2-Tone, but have given it more of a pulled back sense of cool. This was a really wonderful opportunity to pay homage in my own way to the brand.

Annnnd, for the purists… YES… I do know that Dekker only recorded for Stiff Records in the 2-Tone era. I’m just playing here.

Shown Here: Identity, Promotional Style Elements and Detail

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Flying R Mopeds Brand Exploration

Warm, chewy pizza, soft velvety gelato, the very beautiful Monica Bellucci… The Italians have given us so much that makes our lives rich and rewarding. And very few things maintain the cosmopolitain, outsider sense of cool that the Italian moped does. That’s exactly what fledgeling Flying R Mopeds of Menlo Park, CA thinks, too.

This brand package exploration draws its inspiration from all of that history and savvy sense of cool. Fun and quirky with a clear nod to the classic moto Euro style of yesterday, the package brings a whimsical elegance and pop to the brand and communicates its essence. I also created custom, hand-done typography for the “R” and “FLYING R” portions of the identity. The other elements in the mix add up to a collection with both a classic flair and a sly wink. Fun.

Shown Here: Sample Advertising, Brand Identity Elements, Business Card (Front and Back), Apparel and Site Design

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The Goddard School Rebrand

In this business, we all have projects that are as rewarding as they are challenging. This rebrand for peerless early childhood educational leader The Goddard School falls directly into that category.

At once contemporary, approachable, bold and authentic, this new approach to the brand breathes a very fresh wind into the sails of the 25+-year-old franchise education provider. I was a creative lead on the project, filling the roles of Creative Director, Lead Designer, On-Set Director, Producer, Motionographer and (in some cases) Copywriter. Operating on a tight timeline, we executed a full rebrand plus campaign-driven materials to better tell the Goddard story. I was very blessed to work with a very talented crew internally at UPBrand that brought the signature style established here to a variety of additional projects not pictured here, a totally first-class DP and shooting crew, a really great editor / video team and a savvy and very hip client on this as well and I wanted to give props.

When the brand was rolled-out to both internal and franchisee stakeholders at an annual event in Florida, I am gratified to say that the work actually inspired some tears from those closest to the brand. A rarity, but always fun to see.

Shown Here: Sample Television Advertising, Brand Identity Elements, Responsive Site Design, Collateral, Print Advertising

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“My Film Chronicle:” Lynch Movie Posters + A New Beginning

In 2011, I chronicled every film I watched for the year in a series of minimalist posters. It was an incredibly fun personal project for me. You can read more about the full undertaking in this post. In 2012, I  shifted my focus to other personal work and on this front, only created selected posters for films I had a special place in my heart for, paying homage to seminal works of the genre from my experience. However, I missed the regular creative discipline of distilling EVERY film into a poster. There are wonderful learning experiences inherent in this type of exploration. Plus, many of my friends (in and out of the design community) told me in no uncertain terms that my new projects were not nearly as fun to watch. So, with all of that in mind, I am bringing back the project for 2013 in its original focus. I will again be capturing every film I watch into a poster capturing its essence, but passing no judgement on the films themselves. I have already uploaded four new works.

Before we move completely on, I did want to share a series of six posters I created over the course of last year paying tribute to the films of David Lynch. As a college freshman in the fall of 1989, I was lucky enough to be invited to a “film series” in an upperclassman’s small apartment. The first film was David Lynch’s surreal masterpiece Blue Velvet. Though it might sound cliche, it was literally like a light had been shined on a dark corner of a room I had been living in for years, but had never seen. Like all great art, it was a doorway — it was a cathartic, watershed moment for me. I have always loved Mr. Lynch’s “challenging” work. It never ceases to inspire and evoke. These posters were a true labor of love for me. Thank you, Mr. Lynch for all of the years of realizing your visions.

Shown Here: David Lynch Poster Series, Please Watch the Site for This Years Films.

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Logo Round-Up

I thought I would share a montage of recent ID work that I hadn’t yet shared here. I so love creating projects like these and this is a fun collection. Solid identity work should speak for itself so I’ll let this one do just that.

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