Welcome to selected recent updates from my professional world.


Shiverhouse Brand + Site Relaunch

I’m not afraid of the dark.

If it’s spooky, altogether ooky, hairy, scary, vintage, mondo, funky, punky, sexy, lurid, hardboiled, vintage, dangerous, heart-pounding and spine-chilling, I’m interested. As a sister to my work-a-day career, I create identity, logos and branding, websites, apps, posters, book jackets and covers, packaging and a whole lot more for the horror, crime, rock and roll, noir, trailer trash, punk and grindhouse set. Shiverhouse is the marquee I do that under.

I’ve just relaunched the Shiverhouse brand and corresponding site… New custom identity… New colors, patterns, and styling… New user experience. Tons of fun all the way ’round. Take a peek at the site as well and check out the work, but remember to keep the lights ON.


BLUMAKA Sustainable Footwear Identity

It’s always incredible to be able to be a part of a revolutionary project in any way. That’s one reason I was thrilled to provide the identity for the exciting new sustainable footwear brand, BLUMAKA. BLUMAKA allows brands to utilize up to 85% recycled or organic content in outsoles, midsoles, or insoles. It means a faster, cheaper, better, cleaner, greener end-product for footwear brands.

BLUMAKA was started by an old colleague, Stuart Jenkins, former Chief of Innovation at Deckers Brand and Joe Skaja, a footwear innovation legend with experience dating back to the original launch of the Nike Air Sole and Chantal Herry, ex Eastman Kodak manufacturing guru. I was so pleased to work with them and to be able to be a small part of the BLUMAKA story.

The identity features custom typography and is designed to work well on a variety of surfaces, including extruded foam soles and insoles.


“Heathers” Movie Poster Featured at Sundance Talent Lounge

I was chuffed to have my poster for dark comedy classic film, “Heathers” selected for inclusion in this year’s Sundance Film Festival talent lounge. It’s always gratifying when someone finds your work unprompted and wants to showcase it. Thank you so much to the great folks at Civic agency for working with me on this!