Grindhouse Poster Series

All hail, Grindhouse. This style of lurid, often low-budget DIY filmmaking embodies so much of what I cut my teeth on as a young teen fascinated by the images, branding and subject matter of the genre. It reached its glorious golden age in the 1970s and that meant a smorgasbord of amazing style and hipper-than-hip (or downright hilarious) execution. I have been revisiting these films in revival of late and felt moved to create a series of posters in the grindhouse style for “films” of my own. I focused on 5 sub-genres here… Sexploitation, Blaxploitation, Punksploitation, Drugsploitation and Slasher. I had a TON of fun creating these and paying homage to this amazing film movement and hope you like them, too!