“My Film Chronicle:” Lynch Movie Posters + A New Beginning

In 2011, I chronicled every film I watched for the year in a series of minimalist posters. It was an incredibly fun personal project for me. You can read more about the full undertaking in this post. In 2012, I  shifted my focus to other personal work and on this front, only created selected posters for films I had a special place in my heart for, paying homage to seminal works of the genre from my experience. However, I missed the regular creative discipline of distilling EVERY film into a poster. There are wonderful learning experiences inherent in this type of exploration. Plus, many of my friends (in and out of the design community) told me in no uncertain terms that my new projects were not nearly as fun to watch. So, with all of that in mind, I am bringing back the project for 2013 in its original focus. I will again be capturing every film I watch into a poster capturing its essence, but passing no judgement on the films themselves. I have already uploaded four new works.

Before we move completely on, I did want to share a series of six posters I created over the course of last year paying tribute to the films of David Lynch. As a college freshman in the fall of 1989, I was lucky enough to be invited to a “film series” in an upperclassman’s small apartment. The first film was David Lynch’s surreal masterpiece Blue Velvet. Though it might sound cliche, it was literally like a light had been shined on a dark corner of a room I had been living in for years, but had never seen. Like all great art, it was a doorway — it was a cathartic, watershed moment for me. I have always loved Mr. Lynch’s “challenging” work. It never ceases to inspire and evoke. These posters were a true labor of love for me. Thank you, Mr. Lynch for all of the years of realizing your visions.

Shown Here: David Lynch Poster Series, Please Watch the Site for This Years Films.