Please explore a few of my other creative projects living out there in the digital ether.

My Fine Art

I’m painting abstract mixed media canvases. For me, this is all about expressing myself outside of the traditional creative / client relationship and just expressing joy. Simply put, I needed this.

Top 30 of the Year

I am a great lover… Of music. Cue rimshot. Each year, I do a list of the top 30 new albums for the year and pick a song of the year. It’s an awesome place for me to express my self about the tasty tuneage that’s in my ears.


Another expression of my love of the dark. I create identity, logos and branding, websites, apps, posters, book jackets and covers, packaging and a whole lot more for the horror, crime, rock and roll, noir, trailer trash, punk and grindhouse set.


I am a lover of things from the darker side. Consequently, Halloween time is sacred time to me. I do a yard display every year and this site chronicles its evolution through the years. Just a way to celebrate the season the whole year through.