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Top 30 of the Year

I am a great lover… Of music. Cue rimshot. Each year, I do a list of the top 30 new albums for the year and pick a song of the year. It’s an awesome place for me to express my self about the tasty tuneage that’s in my ears.


Another expression of my love of the dark. I create identity, logos and branding, websites, apps, posters, book jackets and covers, packaging and a whole lot more for the horror, crime, rock and roll, noir, trailer trash, punk and grindhouse set.

The Strange, Far Places

I am a lover of things from the darker side. This blog is a tribute to my love of all things related to the horror genre. I need to get back on track with this one. Contains musings, design and reviews from yours truly. Truly a labor of love for me.