My Sites

The Strange, Far Places

I am a lover of things from the darker side. This blog is a tribute to my love of all things related to the horror genre. Regularly updated with musings, design and reviews from yours truly. Truly a labor of love for me.


My Film Chronicle

I love film. This site is a new extension of an attempt to chronicle every film I see — creatively recording what I am watching from January 1, 2011 forward. I distill the essence of each film into a poster using only 2 colors (red + black) plus the color of the paper itself and employing as few elements as I can in the design. I focused on some other personal projects in 2012, but I’m excited to bring this back for 2013.



Hide the children, I’m expressing myself.


One Foot in the Graveyard

As I mentioned above, I’m a certified horror nut and I just LOVE the Halloween season. This personal project is an homage to that gothic love.


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