“My Film Chronicle” Move Posters — An Ending and a Beginning

I recently completed a year-long personal art / design project and wanted to acknowledge it here. Here’s the description from the site itself:

I love film. This site is a new extension of an attempt to chronicle the films I am seeing so I can look back with some sense of continuity. I pass no judgment on the films themselves here. I am merely creatively recording what I am watching from January 1, 2011 forward. Inspired by the historic work of Saul Bass and contemporary designers like Olly Moss, I felt moved to attempt to distill the essence of each film into a poster using only two colors (red + black) plus the color of the paper itself and employing as few elements as I can in the design.

74 posters later, the year came to an end. What a fun project! I will now be broadening the concept to challenge myself on classic films from my favorites.

Shown Here: Selected Posters