“The Runner’s Manifesto” Poster

For the uninitiated, I have engaged a running coach. The past couple of years have been a wonderful period of rediscovery with running for me. I’ve been running a variety of types of races and putting one foot in front of the other with as much grace and elegance as I can muster has been a big part of every week. Jason Fitzgerald, a Silver Spring, MD gent, is my savvy coach and one heck of a talented runner. A recent piece that he penned entitled “The Runners’s Manifesto: 18 Inspiring Ways to Improve Your Running and Life” offered some truly awesome advice and inspired me to give the piece some design love. The attached poster was the result. A bit of a labor of love for me, please share it with your runner friends.

Please visit Jason’s blog to download a version of the poster, for awesome info and cool inspiration: StrengthRunning.com

Shown Here: Poster with Detail