Shiverhouse Brand + Site Relaunch

I’m not afraid of the dark.

If it’s spooky, altogether ooky, hairy, scary, vintage, mondo, funky, punky, sexy, lurid, hardboiled, vintage, dangerous, heart-pounding and spine-chilling, I’m interested. As a sister to my work-a-day career, I create identity, logos and branding, websites, apps, posters, book jackets and covers, packaging and a whole lot more for the horror, crime, rock and roll, noir, trailer trash, punk and grindhouse set. Shiverhouse is the marquee I do that under.

I’ve just relaunched the Shiverhouse brand and corresponding site… New custom identity… New colors, patterns, and styling… New user experience. Tons of fun all the way ’round. Take a peek at the site as well and check out the work, but remember to keep the lights ON.

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