“One Foot in the Graveyard”

I LOVE horror in general and I have always had a serious weak spot for the Gothic and the classically macabre. So, it only follows that Halloween is a a special time for me. Perhaps I never shook the thrill of a season dedicated to things that whisper at your shoulder on a crisp, Autumn eve.

In honor of my favorite season, I have just launched a new personal project, “ONE FOOT IN THE GRAVEYARD.” I am posting daily computer wallpaper creations for each of the 31 days of October — as the site says, “31 Days, 31 Wallpapers, One Scary Season.” It’s a ton of fun and it’s been wonderful to explore further the rich, layered, textural compositional style that has been a hallmark of one of my signature personal approaches.

Please visit the site to follow along for the month of October (and after — I’ll leave this up). There, you can click through to full resolution images. It really is worth viewing them full size in full detail.

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