Shin’ya Tsukamoto Poster Series

Created for inclusion in an Asian film ‘zine set for publication in 2018, these were a LOT of fun to play with. Interpreting the kinetic, proto-cyber-punk aesthetic of Shin’ya Tsukamoto was nothing short of a blast and added another style to the quiver.

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Naturalist Henry Beston Brand and Digital

Writer and naturalist Henry Beston is a truly legendary figure in American conservation and literature. Books like “The Outermost House,” “Northern Farm: A Chronicle of Maine” and dozens more are landmarks of the genre. Rachel Carson said he was the only writer to influence her work. He was the third recipient of the Emerson-Thoreau Medal, previously only awarded to Robert Frost and TS Eliot. An amazing man with an incredible legacy.

I was thrilled to be able to provide identity and digital design for a brand and site honoring his legacy in conjunction with his daughter Kate Beston Barnes, poet laureate of Maine until her death. Through this initiative, we have saved Beston’s home and served his causes. I love projects where I can help build awareness of something so important.

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Case Study :: Swizl :: Brand Standards

After the identity itself was developed, I led a style tiling process with selected designers to explore the overall look and feel for Swizl. That process gave us some great inspirational guardrails for the visual brand. I then codified everything into a comprehensive brand standards manual. This ensured that the brand had a central “North Star” that we could all work from when creating anything moving forward. It is a living document, designed to grow and change as those new materials are developed. We’ve had several adult bev industry leaders ask to see the document and they’ve given us very strong kudos on the work and style throughout.

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Quentin Tarantino Poster Series

These were created in response to a comment asking why I hadn’t explored the work of Quentin Tarantino. I finally have. I illustrated and designed these around the concept that in so many of his films, there is a character driving the action who may not actually be the main character of the story. A catalyst. These posters represent that catalyst for each film.

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Case Study :: Swizl :: Content and Social Marketing

For any brand in today’s marketplace, social and content marketing has become a pillar of both the outreach platform and the brand itself. This is especially true of Swizl because of its unique value proposition at the center of a nexus between savings and content. I personally led the charge on all of this for the brand, creating the social and editorial voices and standards for Swizl, marshaling internal and external resources to write, design and shoot content and often diving in hands-on and creating work myself. It’s been crazy, but a ton of fun!

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Music League Identity System and Digital Experience Design

Anyone who knows me knows that I love music. I like it so much, that I actually consider it a vice on some levels. (LOL!) So, when a friend approached me about joining something called Music League, a weekly thematic competition for music lovers (think fantasy football, but with music), I was all in. After playing a couple of seasons, a talented member of the league approached me to develop an icon to mark the game (thanks, Nathan). That very quickly became a full brand, featuring custom mark, lockup, tagline, avatars, glyphs and full system redesign. I was in hog heaven. I have collected a small portion of the assets I developed for the brand and the system. We’re already talking about a healthy second phase to the project (let’s go native mobile), so stay tuned for updates. I loved this one!

Shown Here :: Mark, Lockup, Colors, Type, Avatar Set, Glyph Set, Sample Desktop, Tablet and Phone Responsive Digital Experiences

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Hopster Rebates Brand Development and Digital Design :: A Case Study

I’m proud to announce the launch of a new brand in the digital savings space :: Hopster Rebates. This marks an important milestone for Inmar (where I serve as design leadership) as it is a consumer-facing brand, app and site for a company not traditionally known for that. I led the design effort on this one and was so pleased to collab with very talented folks in that endeavor. Romeo Mariano on my team absolutely rocked it with the synthesis on the final mark and the Android designs shown here. Javon Greaves totally killed it on the illustrations that, in many ways, made the brand distinct and ownable. He also did the iOS designs. Nice work, all.

I thought for this post, I would use it as a case-study in process, detailing what we created from a brand standpoint and how that was actualized in the digital space. This was a process I led and I was very pleased with the results. I also created the web portions personally, other aspects and provided strategic oversight.

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Grindhouse Poster Series

All hail, Grindhouse. This style of lurid, often low-budget DIY filmmaking embodies so much of what I cut my teeth on as a young teen fascinated by the images, branding and subject matter of the genre. It reached its glorious golden age in the 1970s and that meant a smorgasbord of amazing style and hipper-than-hip (or downright hilarious) execution. I have been revisiting these films in revival of late and felt moved to create a series of posters in the grindhouse style for “films” of my own. I focused on 5 sub-genres here… Sexploitation, Blaxploitation, Punksploitation, Drugsploitation and Slasher. I had a TON of fun creating these and paying homage to this amazing film movement and hope you like them, too!

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The Films of George Romero Poster Series

George A. Romero was a king. His work from the late 60s through the early 80s was the output of a director with true vision. The idea of using horror to tell stories that skewered societal issues ranging from racism to consumption to governmental control to identity to scientific experimentation (and more) is genius and makes the films still fresh and relevant for new audiences today. I created this series at his 2017 passing to commemorate this landmark body of work. We’ll miss you, George. Thanks for everything.

Shown Here :: The Poster Series Plus a Production Detail Showing My Creation Method

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Icons of Memphis Design :: Miami Vice :: A Series

I really can’t say enough how influential Miami Vice was on me. Though I was just a teen when the show aired, I consider the series a huge landmark in my development as a creative. I could FEEL those first two seasons as Michael Mann’s vision wrought on the screen every week. The fusion of pop culture at large with amazing storytelling and cinematography was VERY powerful stuff. These were created as part of a two-part series exploring the design of the legendary Memphis Group of Milan. I love to do projects like this because they are a conversation with great influences.

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